Animals are very receptive to Therapeutic Touch®and will often come close to a person receiving Therapeutic Touch, or nuzzle up to get some for themselves. Big or little, the results can be amazing. Here are a few stories:


Beginning of Rounder's Therapeutic Touch treatment'ROUNDER' is a horse that has a condition which causes decreased circulation to his hooves. This is painful and makes walking difficult at times. Rounder is also a bit nervous around people he doesn’t know well. You can see he is very alert as I start the session.




As the session proceeds, Rounder relaxes and lets me work on his legs and hooves.

during treatmentHorse receiving therapeutic Touch to his legs






A relaxed looking horse.By the end of the session, Rounder is so relaxed he has almost fallen asleep!






labrador/shepard cross dog sitting receiving Therapeutic TouchI have done many sessionss on my dogs over the years.

My dog Dutchess had bad arthritis and doing Therapeutic Touch on her would make her more comfortable. Pictured on the right is our dog Tiki. She is very healthy and has lots of energy but even she will sit still long enough for some Therapeutic Touch. She likes the feel and comes back for more.






When seeing a client one day, she told me of her cat, Babe, who had been abused. She stated that Babe had bad arthritis in his hind legs and back, and appeard to have pain and difficulty walking at times. Babe was also quite stand-offish around people. Babe sat at one end of the couch while I did Therapeutic Touch on her. She sat there through the session and then stretched out after it was completed. When I came back a few days later, Babe came and nuzzled up to me, waiting for her next session. Her owner reported that Babe had seemed to really like the treatment and had appeared to be in less pain and had more ease in walking.


My daughter, Katie, worked at a veterinary hospital. There was a lizard there that was supposedly in bad shape. She was there by herself and couldn't see the lizard breathing. She did Therapeutic Touch on it and was able see it breathing again.


Yes, I've even done Therapeutic Touch on a guppy! If you've ever had guppies you know that it is not a good sign when they are almost touching the rocks at the bottom of the tank and their gills are flapping rapidly while they themselves are motionless. The end is usually near. Well, I did Therapeutic Touch on a guppy in this state and it survived to swim happily for a long time afterwards!

These are just a few of the many amazing stories about animals and their responses to Therapeutic Touch.