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BC Therapeutic Touch Network Society (BCTTNS)

BCTTNS formally began in January of 1997. Benefits in joining the BCTTNS include: the Canadian TTNC News, the Ontario In Touch, and BC Shifts In Energy Therapeutic Touch newsletters; invitations to Networking Days, retreats and conferences; a listing of support groups, teachers, and practitioners; material resources, connections with other members, and more.

The Therapeutic Touch Network (Ontario)  
Fax(416) 231-3520

This was the first Therapeutic Touch Network formed in Canada. It became incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1994.

Therapeutic Touch Networks of Canada

This organization represents all the individual networks across Canada.

Natural Comfort Wellness Centre

This is an amazing wellness centre where the focus is on Mind, Body, and Spiritual Health. There are several modalities offered at the wellness centre including aromatherapy, massage, nursing consultations and much more. Whatever your needs you're sure to find something that works for you.

Therapeutic Touch International Association (TTIA)
(formerly Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International, Inc. (NH-PAI)

This international organization supports many healing modalities with a major focus on Therapeutic Touch.  This is the International Clearing House for Therapeutic Touch.

Orcas Island Foundation

Camp Indralaya

Camp Indralaya was founded in 1927 by members of the Theosophical Society, a worldwide organization founded in 1875. This organization is focused on better understanding our place in the universe, and the purpose and meaning of our lives.  This camp offers a wide variety of programs including various programs in Therapeutic Touch.

Pumpkin Hollow Farm

From May to December, this centre provides Therapeutic Touch instruction.   Invitational programs at the Basic, Intermediate, Mentorship and Advanced levels are offered.

CHNA- Canadian Holistic Nurses Association

Email: CHNA- Canadian Holistic Nurses Association

Fax(709) 722-6336

The mission of the CHNA is to foster the growth of the holistic practice of nursing. Membership entitles you to the Insight Newsletter, preferred rates at the CHNA conference, opportunity for networking and access to Specialization Courses in Holistic Nursing.